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How To Build Relationships And Create Belonging

My favourite awful summer job was working on The Party Bus. This involved loading up two hundred people on to four bright red, double decker buses and driving them to clubs around London all night. Our first stop was usually around 8pm at some underground basement or...

Three Lessons Schools Could Learn From My Pimp

The Education Endowment Foundation is a fantastic resource for educators. It has replaced: ‘They say we can’t use toilet rolls for building rockets in Early Years anymore because someone might die of poo germs.’ with ‘Hey, you know we want to improve the effectiveness...

The Power of Being Human

Paul Dix made me cry. Not once, but both times I’ve heard him speak. It's not his dodgy jokes. It's that when he talks, every core of his being sees you as human first. He has a way of emphasising before enrolling. Of making you feel acknowledged and validated. I...

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