Ditch Those Resolutions

I have a history of setting ridiculously high expectations for myself and then beating myself when I fail. (Can I get an Amen?) Also, I’m time short, and incredibly busy with incredibly important stuff. Oh yeah, and I have a Netflix account.

You know the deal. You make a new start and full of gusto, join a gym, commit to a diet (for real this time) and vow to make eye contact with your seven year old when he’s filling you in on the latest Pokemon news while you’re trying to finish a crucial email.

Three days in and it’s already gone pear shaped!

Last year I gave up ‘shoulding on myself’. The word ‘should’ implies shame and shame seeds don’t grow palm trees – or anything else good for that matter.

So instead of saying ‘I should work out more’, ‘I should eat healthier’ or ‘I should gently explain why we don’t pretend the cat is a set of bagpipes’ (to my youngest – my husband learned the hard way) I switched out ‘should’ for the phrase ‘would like to’. It’s a tiny shift but it’s made a world of difference to my attitude and actions.

So this year – for you and for me – I’ve designed a booklet that helps you to reflect on the pits and peaks of the last few months year and use them as a springboard to lay down the foundations for living on your terms.

Oh, and the great news for those with a Netflix habit – it will take you slightly less than one episode of The Crown to complete.