OK, I’m Biased. Now What?


In November I said yes to running a workshop on unconscious bias at a WomenEd unconference.

In December I had thought of a catchy and hilarious title: Black By Popular Demand. Then spent the rest of the month congratulating myself on being a genius.

In January I realised three things.

  1. I didn’t know much about unconscious bias.
  2. I am subject to unconscious bias, but I didn’t want everyone to know that.
  3. Running a workshop on unconscious bias would probably make my own unconscious bias really easy to spot.

The obvious next step was to forget all about the workshop and eat cake instead.

February Jaz, understandably annoyed at January Jaz, spent 90% of the month sulking and vowing never to agree to do a workshop on unconscious bias again and the other 10% staying busy enough to avoid creating an unconscious bias workshop.

Fortunately, March Jaz panicked, came up with the goods and set off for Coventry!

Things started disastrously when I noticed Dr Kay Fuller, Dr Jill Berry and Viv Grant had all decided to come to my workshop. Imposter syndrome kicked in and brought my own pesky unconscious bias along for the ride. I found myself worrying that three thought leaders, and women I deeply respect and admire, were about to find out I had a bag full of questions and very few answers.

They were, of course, along with everyone else, gracious. What followed was an incredibly resourceful and joyful hour exploring bias in ourselves and our communities.

By the end of the workshop, I decided that I would be offering to run more workshops on unconscious bias and (my 10% braver) also share it with you.

Click HERE to see a video of the workshop.

Click HERE to download the slides.

Watch Prince Ea’s ‘I Am Not Black’ poem below.